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With more great ideas delivered succinctly, SOFII’s lightbulb moments return, free, with a series of short video segments that month by month will build into your personal blueprint for transforming fundraising in your charity.

Written by
Joe Burnett
February 21, 2018

New on SOFII now

These short videos are live on SOFII. For best results, watch them in full screen:

05. Meeting Etta.

One donor’s remarkable experience showing how welcome fundraising can be and how it should be. 4.06 minutes.   

The next three lightbulb moment videos are ready for you

6. How you’ll know you are making progress.

Priceless. How to change fundraising overnight, in a simple phrase. And why we owe this work to all future beneficiaries. Plus, a taste of what’s on its way. 2.20 minutes.

7. Listen to donors, and learn.

Why donors support charities (it’s not what you think). The 90-degree shift, meet the donors and time for a revolution. The enemy is defined, as are the weapons that will help us turn the tide in our favour. And why people run a mile when confronted with one of the biggest needs that all fundraisers have. 14.56 minutes.

8. A different view of investment in fundraising.

This is one lightbulb moment you’ll want to share with your entire board and everyone on your senior management team. As fundraising legend and agitator Roger Craver recommends, it’ll pay you to gather all these key people around your screen, then prepare them for a new way of thinking about the cost of fundraising and just how expensive it can get if you don’t do it properly. 6.17minutes.  

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SOFII’s letter to the future.

Don’t forget to watch your SOFII updates in coming weeks for what’s next in SOFII’s 32 lightbulb moments series.  

More lightbulb moments coming soon

Three more of the 32 ‘lightbulb moments’ short videos will go live on SOFII from March 15th. At the same time SOFII will also be adding two more ‘context-setting’ videos. In just three minutes, video 0.6 Three definitions of fundraising shows how our understanding of the fundraiser’s role has evolved, changing fundamentally in recent years. And 0.7 Fundraising’s problems and how we’ll overcome them explains the catastrophe that struck UK fundraising in 2015, and the response that began to coalesce around the Commission on the Donor Experience. The next three ‘lightbulb moments’ are perhaps among the most important realisations of all, for fundraisers now.

Lightbulb moments 9-11

9. Leadership, the donor-centred way.  What kind of leadership increases the chances that a charity will operate in a donor-centred way? Why our leaders have to act differently, to change their organisation’s culture. Whole organisation fundraising defined, and why your board and senior management team have to get involved in being the change. How to find and build your dream. And how to avoid the same old dull way of doing things. 13.11 minutes.

10. Vulnerable people and how to deal with them appropriately. The more generous a donor is, the more he or she will be targeted. Why a policy on vulnerability is not enough. 1.57 minutes.

11. The power of words to take you right to the heart of your donors. Why communication is the fundraiser’s most important skill and how to do it better, to make your donors’ experience unforgettable. The best word in fundraising. And why fundraisers so often offend. 3.07 minutes.

About the author: Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett is Contributing Editor for SOFII.

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