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Great Ormond Street Hospital: legacy marketing 1856


Why is it that the giving and receipt of legacies figured strongly in Victorian literature, yet is largely absent today? The announcement in the annual report of The Hospital for Sick Children (later Great Ormond Street Hospital) appeared just four years after the hospital was founded, but it was already obvious that gifts of legacies would be very important to the health and development of the hospital.

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Aline Reed

Aline Reed is a freelance copywriter and creative. She worked for fourteen years at Bluefrog, a London-based agency that specialises in fundraising, where she progressed from copywriter to creative director. She has written fundraising campaigns for all kinds of organisations – charities, museums, galleries and universities. Her work has successfully run internationally in the Netherlands, US, Australia, Ireland as well as the UK. Away from fundraising, she writes book reviews for the Sunday Express and blogs about books and travelling.

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Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips set up Bluefrog with one objective – to be the agency he would have wanted to employ. He is now confident he has achieved his goal. Mark also manages Bluefrog's planning function. Mark started out working at ActionAid and later became Head of Fundraising at YMCA England.

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Reinier Spruit

Reinier Spruit is in love with fundraising since 2001. Ever since he's trying to improve his own fundraising skills and those of others. He's also the founder of 101fundraising, the crowdblog on fundraising.

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