A proper thank you and a case study to warm the heart

We've got two big new stories on SOFII this week that are guaranteed to get all fundraisers' brain cells whirring and feeling inspired. Both provide crucial insight into how making a donor's experience more pleasurable and personal will deliver great dividends.

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Joe Burnett
April 27, 2017

In 2016 the British Heart Foundation took the bold step of completely rethinking how to maximise the potential of their in memory giving. The resultant campaign massively improved donors' user experience on the BHF's website, with spectacular results. Click here to learn more.

Meanwhile, Ikhlaq Hussain, head of major gifts at Orphans In Need, gives excellent advice on how to write the perfect thank you letter for your major donors. From style and font to presentation and postage, it's all here for you to draw inspiration from.

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A proper thank you and a case study to warm the heart

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SOFII is delighted to announce that Bloomerang, a leading donor-management software company based in Indianapolis, USA, has joined us as SOFII's newest ‘business partner’.

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The Commission for the Donor Experience: reports coming soon

With the Commission’s permission, SOFII plans to publish the outcomes from all of their findings and deliberations in a specially constructed area dedicated to providing you, SOFII’s users, with the best information available anywhere on how to improve the donor experience.

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