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  • British Heart Foundation ‘Gift of Hope’ and ‘Give in Celebration’ by Joe Burnett Find out how the British Heart Foundation completely reinvented their strategy for in memory giving. How? By providing a more involving experience for donors and making great use of new technology. A wonderful lesson for all fundraisers
  • CARE International ‘Don’t give, lend’ by Mark Phillips ‘Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ as the saying goes. This could easily have been the inspiration for this campaign, as CARE International embarked on a new way of engaging supporters by offering them the chance to lend money rather than donate it. Supporters were able to invest in exciting business opportunities in poor communities – an innovative and economically sound way of developing those communities whilst maintaining the focus and engagement of donors.
  • Enhance your online fundraising abilities in four steps by Sarah Daren In her second article for SOFII Sarah Daren shares her experiences of building successful crowdfunding campaigns and provides four key pieces of advice to make your online giving platform successful.
  • Give as you Live™. by SOFII A free fundraising mechanism that could unlock a potential £1.25 billion of unrestricted income for charities in the UK alone sounds too good to be true. The brains behind Give as you Live think not, read how you can get in on the action.
  • How crowdfunding is helping fundraise for community projects by Sarah Daren Sarah Daren explains how crowdfunding sites can be used not just for start-up businesses but to benefit entire communities, as demonstrated in towns and cities across the USA.
  • JustGiving: a ‘for profit, for good’ platform for online giving. by SOFII Is JustGiving the most transformational development in the UK charitable sector since the introduction of street face-to-face fundraising? Find out here. 
  • Leading the resistance: the American Civil Liberties Union by Ali Walker-Davies Ali Walker celebrates the American Civil Liberties Union's resistance to Donald Trump's travel ban and how it raised incredible funds without even asking, just by being a beacon of hope.
  • NSPCC's improved online giving experience by SOFII An easy and accessible user experience was the aim of the game for the NSPCC when they decided to overhaul their online donation pages.
  • Refuge: The Helen Titchener (nee Archer) Rescue Fund by Louise McCathie A fan of Radio BBC 4's popular programme 'The Archers' created an online fundraising page for Refuge in response to a domestic violence storyline. 
  • Shine virtual balloon race by John Grain A smart, environmentally-friendly strategy change from small charity Shine inspired John Grain at IWITOT London 2018.
  • Ten easy fixes for the design of your donation form by Beate Sørum Beate Sorum shares digital how-tos, things to do and not to do and 10 tips to make your online donation form work much better.
  • What kind of experience does your donor encounter when making an online gift? by Pamela Grow Pamela Grow shares some easy lessons you can steal and pitfalls you can avoid from the best, and worst, of donor experiences.