SOFII’s best of 101fundraising

Wow! An honour, and a treat.

SOFII has been granted a rare honour and, well, several treats. In fact, a cornucopia of treats, if we’re honest.

To preserve the best of that great fundraising resource the 101fundraising crowdblog SOFII is creating for all posterity its own dedicated archive, SOFII’s best of 101fundraising. Into this secluded, hallowed space SOFII will be setting out and storing for posterity the very best blogs from 101fundraising, year by year. And we’ll promote these treats to SOFII users around the world to access whenever they want, from wherever they are.

Starting with 2011 (101fundraising’s first full year of operation) we’ll be putting on SOFII the top twelve blogs from each year as voted for by 101fundraising’s readers, using that most consistent and reliable of metrics, the number of times each blog has been clicked on and visited in its first year on the site. We’ll also add in our own special favourites of 101fundraising blogs, articles chosen by us because they are unusual, quirky, illuminating or specially well written.

Getting great content out there to all fundraisers is SOFII’s mission of course, and not surprisingly it’s 101fundraising’s mission too. So, from now we’re working together.

If it were easy to do we wouldn’t need you

by Karen Osborne

Karen Osborne explains why you should avoid the easy route if you want transformational major gifts for your organisation.

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Seven things that will make you a better fundraiser

by Margaux Smith

Margaux Smith may be relatively new on the fundraising scene, but she has some pretty good ideas on how you could become an even better fundraiser.

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Twenty symptoms of fundraising trouble

by Reinier Spruit

Twenty symptoms of fundraising trouble from Reinier Spruit. If you recognise too many, he says, you could be in trouble yourself.

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Why asking and thanking is all wrong

by Matthew Sherrington

Do you think Matthew Sherrington is just being controversial when he says that asking and thanking are wrong? Or does he have a point?

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What would grandma say?

by Peter Goudkamp

Not so long ago I asked staff of the communication and fundraising department at a certain large charity if they were actually supporting their own cause. Only 22 per cent actually did. So I asked myself, ‘What would my grandmother say of this?’

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What can fundraisers learn from product marketing?

by Sarah Clifton

Sarah Clifton says, yes, you can learn from product marketing. Applying a commercial marketing checklist to our fundraising strategy can give us some valuable insights about the way that our donors experience our service.

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The seven deadly sins of fundraising appeals and how to avoid them

by Rachel Beer

Rachel Beer shares some top tips and advice on what she’s learnt about individual giving.

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Major gifts: fundraising from the frontlines

by Rebecca Davies

In this article Rebecca Davies tells us how golfing has helped to improve her major gift fundraising.

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The next big thing in fundraising is closer than you think

by Alison McCants

If you’re wondering what the next big thing in fundraising then here are some thought-provoking words from Alison McCants.

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Is Asian charity different from Western charity?


Looking for some insight into fundraising in Asia? Mitchell Hinz has some advice.

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