The Ken Burnett archive

Welcome to the Ken Burnett archive! This is a repository of all the words and wisdom of SOFII’s founder, a man with over forty years’ (sorry Ken) experience in fundraising, charities and social change. Drawing on his extensive website,, we’ll bring you recollections, thought pieces and case studies from a stellar career in the sector.

ActionAid’s journey to diversity

by Ken Burnett

How one of the UK’s leading INGOs improved performance from management, staff and board by putting its principles into practice. And found happiness in the process.

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Major contributors to this section

Ken Burnett

Ken Burnett is author of Relationship Fundraising and other books including The Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board (The White Lion Press Limited, London, UK) and The Zen of Fundraising, (Jossey-Bass Inc, San Francisco, USA). His latest – and in his view, most important – book is Storytelling can change the world, just published by The White Lion Press.

Ken is also SOFII's managing trustee.

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