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  • ALS Foundation Netherlands: I have already died by SOFII This powerful and moving campaign gives a storytelling platform to people who have ALS.
  • Arrels Fundació: cardboard hearts for the homeless by SOFII Arrels Fundació have come up with an excellent way to wear your heart on your sleeve to raise money and awareness of the growing number of homeless people in Barcelona. It is also easily copied.
  • Cesvi: ‘stop AIDS at birth’ campaign by Joe Burnett Cesvi launched the first fully integrated fundraising campaign in Italian history that was inspired by the words of HIV-positive child Nkosi Johnson at the International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2000.
  • Really Ugly Sweater by SOFII In a novel twist on the traditional ugly Christmas sweater, SOS Children’s Villages Belgium came up with a fantastic idea that promptly captured the attention of thousands of potential donors.
  • RSPCA New South Wales: project Guardian Angel by SOFII This is a charming appeal with wonderful photography and a great one-off proposition. Milo (that’s him opposite) could have been adopted several times over just by the SOFII office alone!
  • Solar Aid BBC Radio 4 appeal by Joe Burnett In 2013, when given the opportunity to be included in this prestigious appeal, SolarAid brought in renowned author Ian McEwan, a passionate supporter of the cause, to deliver the plea and outline the great work SolarAid does. Find out why.
  • The Foundation for Childbirth with Dignity: 'you have a right to ask’ campaign by SOFII This brave, important campaign broke new ground in public education in Poland and raised money too.