Small charities

There is some debate around what constitutes a ‘small charity’. Many would consider a small charity to be any organisation with a turnover of less than £1 million, while others would say less than £25,000. However, while others debate those details, in this showcase you can find examples of smaller organisations that have excelled in fundraising. You will also discover handy tips and articles that might be useful if you work in a small charity yourself. 

We are always looking for more inspiration for this showcase, so if you know of a small charity that has a fundraising success story to share, please let us know.  

The Sandcastle Trust: Christmas appeal and fundraising film

by Danielle Singleton

When you work at a small charity with a tiny team, setting up an important appeal can feel like a big responsibility. In this case study, charity founder Danielle shares how she learned variety of new skills – including how to co-create a fundraising film and design a landing page – so The Sandcastle Trust could reach more donors with their 2023 Christmas campaign.

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Hear Me Out: Co-creation fundraising campaign

by Anna Zabow

Small charity, Hear Me Out, has been working hard to embed co-creation across their whole organisation – even in their fundraising appeals. In this case study, their team share how the ‘More Than A Label’ campaign was co-created with a talented group of people who all had lived experience of the UK’s immigration system.

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PANS PANDAS UK: ‘Helen and Jessica’ fundraising event film

by Emma Bracegirdle

If you’re a small to medium-sized organisation looking to boost your events fundraising through film, look no further. In this case study you are sure to find inspiration in PANS PANDAS UK’s storytelling and fundraising film-making process – and be impressed by their target smashing results too! 

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How we do it – crafting SOFII’s special thank you letters

by Joanna Culling

At SOFII, we believe that great donor care is important. But it can be difficult to get right. So, while we aren’t perfect, we strive to try our best and practice what we preach. SOFII is a tiny charity, and we know the challenges that can crop up when you’re low on resource and short on time. This article gives you a little insight into how we thank our own donors.

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I just did my first round of grant assessing – here’s what I learned

by Vic Hancock Fell

After years of fundraising for small charities, Vic Hancock Fell found herself on the other side of the process – assessing grant applications. Find out what Vic learned and what changes she’ll make when she writes her next application for a trust or foundation.

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Lar da Menina: ‘Blessed Beetle’ raffle

by João Paulo Vergueiro

Meet the wonderful fundraising nuns of Lar da Menina in Brazil, and pick up some tips from their unique and very successful ‘Blessed Beetle’ raffle.

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The Great Bungay Duck Race: Virtual success in 2020

by Joe Burnett

How one small charity in rural England had to innovate and try out new ideas to ensure their event went ahead. When coronavirus forced them to go virtual, they did in style.

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Bluefrog Fundraising’s free resources for creating a coronavirus appeal

by Mark Phillips

During uncertain times it’s refreshing to find that people are offering help to fundraisers and charities who may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. One such hero is Mark Phillips of UK agency Bluefrog Fundraising, who provides much-needed support, advice and useful templates in this excellent blog post.

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How Save the Dogs used a founder’s birthday for fundraising success

by Veronica Parise & Vania Pavan

Discover the multi-channel campaign that helped an Italian charity raise enough money to build a shelter for stray dogs.

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Shine: virtual balloon races

by John Grain

What do you do if your well-established fundraising strategy is having a negative impact on the environment, even if it’s popular? Shine, a small charity, made the smart and innovative decision to take their balloon races online – with spectacular results.

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Abortion Support Network: ‘Why do you support ASN?’

by Damian O’Broin

By asking a simple question of their donors and sharing the responses in later communications, a small charity provided inspiration for all fundraisers.

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Bluebell Wood's Soapbox Derby 2016

by Joe Burnett

With their first Soapbox Derby, Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice smashed their fundraising target with a fun and thrilling public event.

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