Small charities

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) helps small charities by sharing knowledge, expertise and experience. Upwards of 1,500 charities are helped each year, not one of them with a turnover above £1.5 million and most raising considerably less.

SOFII believes we should celebrate small charities more than we do so, together with FSI, has started this showcase with the aim of levelling the playing field, or even to get the ground sloping just a little in the small charity’s direction.

How we did it – SOFII’s first foray into challenge event fundraising, intro

by Joanna Culling

In this series SOFII shares how we supported our founder, Ken Burnett, as he took part in The SOFII Foundation’s first-ever challenge event. With no experience in this area of fundraising, we learned as we went along. Find out how we got started in our introduction, here.

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Bluefrog Fundraising’s free resources for creating a coronavirus appeal

by Mark Phillips

During uncertain times it’s refreshing to find that people are offering help to fundraisers and charities who may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. One such hero is Mark Phillips of UK agency Bluefrog Fundraising, who provides much-needed support, advice and useful templates in this excellent blog post.

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Shine virtual balloon race

by John Grain

A smart, environmentally-friendly strategy change from small charity Shine inspired John Grain at IWITOT London 2018.

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KiKa's story: how a small charity gained success through donor engagement

by Joe Burnett

A small Dutch charity shows the way in event fundraising and donor relations.

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Abortion Support Network: ‘Why do you support ASN?’

by Damian O’Broin

By asking a simple question of their donors and sharing the responses in later communications, a small Irish charity provided inspiration for all fundraisers.

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Bluebell Wood's Soapbox Derby 2016

by Joe Burnett

With their first Soapbox Derby, Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice smashed their fundraising target with a fun and thrilling public event.

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CDE project 23: small charities

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

This project is intended to give a starting point to allow any charity with limited resources to easily look at some of the most important parts of the output and to suggest some of the areas where charities with small or sole fundraisers might look at interpreting some of the output’s recommendations. It is not intended to replace reading and interpreting each project.

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CDE project 23: part 1 - project 1 - 6

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

1. The use and misuse of language 

2. Fundraising and vulnerability

3. Satisfaction and Commitment 

4. Thank you and welcome

5. The supporter's journey

6. The use and misuse of emotion

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CDE project 23: part 2 - project 7 - 10

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

7. Companies

8. Trusts and foundations

9. Major donors

10. Legacies

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CDE project 23: part 3 - project 11

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

11. Communication with individual donors

11a. Mass Media

11b. Direct Mail

11c. Digital

11d. Community fundraising

11e. Telephone fundraising

11f. Face to face fundraising

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CDE project 23: part 4 - project 12 - 17

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

12. Inspirational creativity

13. Giving choices and managing preferences

14. Getting the right people as fundraisers

15. The role of trustee boards and senior management

16. A distinctive service culture

17. Leadership

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CDE project 23: part 5 - project 18 - 22

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

18. Supporters as advocates

19. Evidence of impact and effectiveness

20. Fundraising investment

21. Working with suppliers

22. Media relations and the public face of charities

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