My first weeks as a fundraiser

Welcome to ‘My first weeks as a fundraiser’. If you’ve just started out in fundraising this is the place for you. We bring you essential insight and all the basics you will need to make your way in the first steps of your career as a fundraiser. Even if you've worked in the business for a while you might find some important details you need to brush up on.

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Campaigning fundraisers can change the world


What is the future of fundraising? Will it be a bright one after the pandemic? Yes, says Ken Burnett. In fact, fundraisers like you can change the world.

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Savvy students volunteer to help charities in times of crisis

by Anna McDaid

Studenteer pairs student volunteers looking for professional experience with charities that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a smart collaboration, in a time of crisis. 

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Fundraising stripped naked: what matters in the end?

by Jennifer Ruthe

Freelance copywriter Jennifer Ruthe takes us back to basics and shares her top tips for how to be a successful fundraiser, even on a shoestring budget. From 'My first weeks as a fundraiser', SOFII’s series for those starting out in the profession.

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My first weeks as a fundraiser: where do I start?

by Ken Burnett

SOFII presents ‘My first weeks as a fundraiser’: a series to guide you through the start of your fundraising career. It’s a treasure trove linking you to the best of what’s on SOFII and elsewhere when it comes to the basics and essentials of fundraising, aka everything you need to get your feet under the table. 

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