Crisis fundraising

The coronavirus outbreak was a turning point for all of society and so many lives were forever changed by the events of 2020. But this presented an opportunity for fundraisers - to be better, bolder, more creative and to harness our power of solidarity. In this series, SOFII  demonstrates how charities can make the most of times of crisis by banding together and producing transformative fundraising.

Irregularity – is it the future of regular giving?

by Hannah Moysey

Recruiting regular donors, increasing engagement and reducing attrition are three things that feature in plenty of fundraising strategies. They remain a focus for good reason – all fundraisers want to help their cause with the reliable funds that a base of committed supporters brings. But what if the future of regular giving was less ‘regular’ and more ‘irregular’? 

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Fundraising in a time of crisis: SOFII’s guide to navigating tough times

by Joe Burnett

In this series, we look at the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus crisis and how fundraisers can use it as an opportunity to change the world.

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Mennonite Central Committee Canada: Tigray, Ethiopia crisis appeal

by BuildGood

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Canada wanted to help refugees of the Tigray crisis in Ethiopia, but they’d only just finished an appeal for victims of the war in Ukraine. Would their kind donors be willing to give again so soon? Find out what happened next, here.

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DTES Response: Raising money for the community during coronavirus

by Tamara Rahmani

Learn how one Canadian organisation responded to the coronavirus pandemic and made a lasting impact on beneficiaries’ lives.

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Don’t be tone deaf on Ukraine

by Claire Axelrad

What is ‘top of mind’ for your donors right now? Claire Axelrad explains why it is always important to address what really matters to your supporters and help them contribute to solving urgent problems. 

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Lar da Menina: ‘Blessed Beetle’ raffle

by João Paulo Vergueiro

Meet the wonderful fundraising nuns of Lar da Menina in Brazil, and pick up some tips from their unique and very successful ‘Blessed Beetle’ raffle.

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The Trussell Trust: Michael McIntyre’s lockdown video calls

by Natasha Rosenthall

Discover how one of the world’s most popular comedians showed love to his fans during lockdown in order to raise money for The Trussell Trust 

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Cork Simon Community: Small-scale pandemic crowdfunding

by Emma Doran

How did an Irish charity make their very first crowdfunding campaign a success during the pandemic?

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Omicron variant, new restrictions and failings of leadership. What should fundraisers do now?

by Mark Phillips

Will the Omicron variant and government responses to it, have had a negative or positive impact on donor needs and attitudes to giving? This video tells all – and crucially Mark provides an update on the kind of results they’ve seen recently. 

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Greenpeace: Face-to-face reinvented during the pandemic

by Shabby Amini

With the coronavirus pandemic in full force, Greenpeace reinvented their face-to-face fundraising and did so with the needs of the donor in mind. Click to read why Shabby Amini celebrated this campaign at IWITOT: the supporter experience edition. 

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WWF Norway: the ‘Name’ campaign

by Ina Toften

Discover how WWF Norway transformed their fundraising and boosted their donor loyalty by personalising how they communicated with supporters.

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France générosités: Vos dons agissent (Your donations have an impact)

by Corentin Hue

Discover how France générosités tapped into the spirit of generosity generated by coronavirus and engaged thousands of young people and bring them closer to the concept of giving.

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