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ChatGPT and fundraising – what do you need to know? (part two)

by Cherian Koshy

In the second instalment of our series on ChatGPT and fundraising, SOFII talks to Cherian Koshy – the founder of a platform that democratises access to artificial intelligence and machine learning for nonprofit organisations. Dive in and explore Cherian’s in-depth insights and opinions on ChatGPT for fundraisers. 

ChatGPT and fundraising – what do you need to know? (part one)


You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT. You might have read about how it could revolutionise (or destroy) everything from internet searches to journalism. But as fundraisers, what do you really need to know? In part one of a two-part piece, we ask three digital fundraisers to give us their opinions on ChatGPT. 

Alzheimer’s Society: Memory Walk campaign

by Katie Simmons

By creating a direct response tv ad that moved many to tears, the Alzheimer’s Society successfully connected with the public and saw participation in their Memory Walks soar. 


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St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation: ‘One Song’ direct mail

by John Lepp

This warm direct mail appeal has it all. Using great copy and simple and effective design, the appeal begins a beautiful conversation with each donor. Unsurprisingly, the results and emotional responses from supporters of St. Pat’s prove that taking time to craft a special appeal can really pay off. Dive in and get inspired before writing your next appeal.

Hear Me Out: Co-creation fundraising campaign

by Anna Zabow

Small charity, Hear Me Out, has been working hard to embed co-creation across their whole organisation – even in their fundraising appeals. In this case study, their team share how the ‘More Than A Label’ campaign was co-created with a talented group of people who all had lived experience of the UK’s immigration system.

Amnesty International UK: Virtual reality street fundraising


Face-to-face (or street) fundraising often receives criticism, but this is an example of it at its best. Using virtual reality headsets, Amnesty International UK showed how devastating barrel bombs are to the people of Syria. Keep reading to find out how they created the campaign, then watch an IWITOT 2023 presentation that shows how this concept is still inspiring fundraisers and captivating donors at a variety of charities – eight years later. 


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Beyond words – how thanking can transform your relationship with your charity’s supporters

by Mark Phillips

The all-important thank you. After each donation, the thank you sets the tone for what could be a good or bad supporter experience. Yet so often, the thank you becomes automated, forgotten, or worse still – left out of the donor journey on purpose. In this article, Mark Phillips shares why he thinks improving your thanking can be transformational to the relationship you have with your supporters.

From the Myth Smashers: Do donors really love having a brick with their name on it?

by Kellie O’Sullivan

When it comes to capital campaigns, 2022 Myth Smashers winner Kellie O’Sullivan isn’t sure putting your donor’s name on a brick is strictly necessary. She thinks it’s less about the brick and mortar or the physical building – and more about ‘building’ a legacy that lays the foundations of community, connection, and collaboration.

From the Myth Smashers: Guess what? Mid value donors are not major donors in disguise!

by Kate Rule

Just like the cliché of the middle child, mid value donors can sometimes be forgotten, ignored, or swept up in other segments. But 2023 Myth Smashers winner Kate Rule believes that mid value donors are not major donors in disguise! Keep reading to discover why Kate wants you to rethink your stewardship strategy for mid value donors.


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Fundraisers, are you ready for a potential cyber attack?

by Jack Steadman

Jack Steadman, chief technology strategist at agency Blue State, shares some crucial steps that he believes could help your organisation maintain cyber security and protect donor data.

The Trussell Trust: Michael McIntyre’s lockdown video calls

by Natasha Rosenthall

Discover how one of the world’s most popular comedians showed love to his fans during lockdown in order to raise money for The Trussell Trust 

Great Ormond Street Hospital: Christmas mailing, from 1941

by Aline Reed

What an achievement for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s fundraisers during the Second World War, someone kept their mailing for 70 years.