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Rainforest Rescue: ‘You can help build the Daintree’s largest nursery’

by Karl Tischler

Discover how a small but visionary environmental charity exceeded all expectations when it came to both fundraising and planting more trees.

Life Education Australia: ‘Healthy Harold’ and the giraffe business appeal

by Steve Thomas

With a target audience of only a few hundred prospective donors, fundraiser Steve Thomas (of ST) and charity Life Education brought in thousands of Australian dollars with this iconic campaign.

Trócaire: ‘Exceptional ask’ direct mail campaign


With intelligent identification and targeting of donors, Irish charity Trócaire exceeded all their expectations with what they called an ‘exceptional ask’ aimed at specific donors. Having honed this strategy over time, it’s now paying off.


Fantastic fundraising campaigns from around the world

Rotary Club of Alice Springs: Henley on Todd Dry Regatta

by Ben Eden-Davies

Ben Eden-Davies extols the virtues of a very clever Australian fundraising event that continues to stand the test of time. And when you have seen the ingenuity of the fundraisers in Alice Springs for yourself, you’ll understand why the rising tide of a community lifts all boats’.

Dogs Trust: Building an engaging supporter experience at ‘Dogs Trust Village’

by Amy Bingham

Step into ‘Dogs Trust Village’ and you’ll discover a masterclass in the supporter experience. This unique event has not only engaged with existing dog-loving supporters, but it’s also helped recruit new ones and raise vital funds. No wonder the CIOF shortlisted the Village for Best Supporter Experience of the Year at their National Fundraising Awards.

Barnardo’s: ‘Be More Gladys’ legacy television ad

by Gina Hollands

UK children’s charity Barnardo’s hoped to attract new legators with their first-ever television legacy ad campaign, Be More Gladys. This ad took a fresh, bold approach that is helping them stand out in a crowded market and reach new audiences.


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Celebrating Jerry Huntsinger – an exemplary fundraiser, writer, teacher and friend


There is a very special showcase on SOFII that you might not know about – but you really should. It contains oodles of fundraising wisdom and it’s called, quite simply, The Jerry Huntsinger Tutorials.

21 and ½ tips for writing better fundraising materials

by Lisa Sargent

Fundraising copywriter extraordinaire Lisa Sargent is back, with more essential advice on how to harness the power of your writing. In this article Lisa shares her tried-and-true checklist for better fundraising materials. Follow these tips and help ensure your donor communications shine... every time!

British Muslims are the most generous group in the UK – how can fundraisers engage them?

by Jasmine Miah

Blue State’s essential report shows that UK Muslims gave four times more in the last 12 months than UK average. Almost half are planning to give more to charity in the next year. Three in four have already donated to support individuals impacted by the war in Gaza. And one in two are open to giving their Zakat to charitable organisations. What does this mean for charities and fundraisers like you?


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Unleash the might of the donor – power as a component of a fundraising plan

by Mark Phillips

Your donors want to make a difference. But sometimes when they give, they aren’t sure if their generosity is making an impact. In this article, Mark Phillips shares three techniques you can add to your fundraising appeals. Each one will help ensure your donors know that they DO have the power to make a difference.

Pasqual Maragall Foundation: ‘A piece of news to be remembered’

by Júlia Padullés Mas

With their first-ever capital campaign, this Spanish charity delivered something very special. An emotive concept, a moving video, well executed landing pages and strong messaging to donors all helped to ensure their target-beating success. If you’re planning a similar appeal, you’ll find plenty of tips here!

The treehouse of knowledge – the 34 fundamental foundations of fundraising

by Ken Burnett

Of all the nuggets of essential fundraising knowledge buried within all the lists, books and articles ever written, which would be the one list, that you’d choose to hang directly above your space, your workplace? This is that list.