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Fundraising in a time of crisis: SOFII’s guide to navigating tough times

by Joe Burnett

In this series, we look at the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus crisis and how fundraisers can use it as an opportunity to change the world.

What’s next for fundraising after coronavirus?


What does the future hold for fundraising after coronavirus? This report, from The Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIoF) and THINK Consulting Solutions, explores that question in detail.

Born Free Foundation: Life in lockdown video campaign

by Fatima Talidi-Marrero

Discover how a UK charity used the voices of humans struggling with lockdown as a way to highlight the plight of animals in captivity. This short, clever video is the epitome of smart storytelling and yes, it certainly tugs on the heartstrings!


Fantastic fundraising campaigns from around the world

The Salvation Army: Why is it so hard to see black and blue?

by Rebecca Wilson

Discover how the Salvation Army Southern Africa Territory used a viral meme to raise awareness of the serious issue of domestic violence.

Meals on Wheels San Francisco: ‘Deliver Hope’ Giving Tuesday appeal

by Clay Buck

IWITOT: The Americas speaker Clay Buck was vaguely sceptical about Giving Tuesday, but then a campaign came along that changed his mind. It took the Giving Tuesday ethos and turned it into something very special – and here’s how. 

Planned Parenthood: Donate in Pence’s name

by Joe Burnett

At the FINZ Conference IWITOT session in 2020 Laura Golland shared how Planned Parenthood fought back against Mike Pence’s anti-abortion plans and raised vital funds – all while he attempted to defund the organisation. 


Expert opinions, insights and how-to guides to inform your fundraising

Growing supporter loyalty doesn’t happen by accident

by Roger Lawson

Securing your donors’ loyalty requires work – and investment. In the latest article in this series, Roger Lawson explains how a little investment can make a huge difference.

Fundraising and activism – Marcus Rashford’s campaign to save free school meals

by Lianne Howard-Dace

This is a powerful and personal tribute to a campaign that forced the UK government into a famous U-turn – and ensured children in need would not miss out on a daily free school meal during the summer holidays. The campaign evolved, demonstrating powerful campaigning and fundraising, while raising millions of pounds for charity along the way. 

Inspired to change the world? How to be a voice for public policy change

by Sarah Daren

The WoW! project (World-changers at Work) returns with this handy guide from consultant Sarah Daren. It describes how ordinary people like you can influence, and even change, public policy. We think it is a must read for any passionate, campaigning fundraiser. 


Your shortcut to our must-see examples of fundraising inspiration

The Darüşşafaka Society: a unique offer for special donors

by Gunes Yildirim

Darüşşafaka – meaning house of kindness – has provided full scholarships to orphans including clothing, accommodation, healthcare and food. But there’s also a lot we can learn about donor care, legacy and high value fundraising from the oldest NGO in Turkey.

Help the Oma

by Ben Swart

Having trouble finding volunteers for your charity? If yes, then please go to this great case history. Its splendid use of video shows that people really do want to help others less fortunate – you just have to give them a way to do it.

Greenpeace’s optimistic tick-box suggestion: the ‘Stop Thorp’ campaign court case mailing

by Carolina Herrera

This exhibit works on many levels. At first glance the reply form opposite looks innocuous enough but really it’s a brilliant illustration of how, in times of need, donors will respond warmly to help a cause when it is clearly in trouble.