Everything you need to fundraise effectively - now

Fundraising in a time of crisis: SOFII’s guide to navigating tough times

by Joe Burnett

In this series, we look at the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus crisis and how fundraisers can use it as an opportunity to change the world.

France générosités: Vos dons agissent (Your donations have an impact)

by Corentin Hue

Discover how France générosités tapped into the spirit of generosity generated by coronavirus and engaged thousands of young people and bring them closer to the concept of giving.

What are the long-term effects of coronavirus on fundraising?

by Mark Phillips

What has been the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on fundraising? Mark Phillips of Bluefrog Fundraising tells all.


Fantastic fundraising campaigns from around the world

WWF Norway: the ‘Name’ campaign

by Ina Toften

Discover how WWF Norway transformed their fundraising and boosted their donor loyalty by personalising how they communicated with supporters.

Who Gives a Crap: supporter experience and email journey

by Lianne Howard-Dace

At the supporter experience edition of I Wish I’d Thought Of That, Lianne Howard-Dace showed fundraisers what we can all learn from the marvellous communications by toilet paper brand Who Gives a Crap.

Harry Perkins Institute: Habit tracker regular giving acquisition

by Paige Gibbs

Discover how the Harry Perkins Institute revolutionised its fundraising with a superb – and successful – push to attract more regular givers. 


Expert opinions, insights and how-to guides to inform your fundraising

Who’s the chugger?

by Anne Marshall

In this fictional story, Anne Marshall shares a ‘day in the life’ of a face-to-face fundraiser who braves the hideous cold and tries to make a difference, against all odds.

Five features of an ideal corporate prospect

by Remarkable Partnerships

SOFII partner Remarkable Partnerships is back with more easily digestible tips to help you secure your next corporate partnership. This time, the team shares how you can identify a great prospect and tailor your approach, giving you the best chance at success.

A case for crowdfunding

by Stephanie Thomas

Crowdfunding is here to stay and we should welcome it says Blackbaud’s Stephanie Thomas.


Your shortcut to our must-see examples of fundraising inspiration

The F2F Hub – collaborative working keeps fundraisers on track through coronavirus

by Rachael Moore

Through mutual support and the sharing of experiences, face-to-face fundraisers around the world are bringing forth a bright new future – even in times of crisis.

Good Neighbors: Twinkle Twinkle Little Box

by Borie Han

This exciting campaign from Korea rightly won the audience prize at SOFII’s flagship event I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) at the International Fundraising Convention in 2019.

My first weeks as a fundraiser: where do I start?

by Ken Burnett

SOFII presents ‘My first weeks as a fundraiser’: a series to guide you through the start of your fundraising career. It’s a treasure trove linking you to the best of what’s on SOFII and elsewhere when it comes to the basics and essentials of fundraising, aka everything you need to get your feet under the table.