Not many tasks are more challenging for today’s fundraiser than mounting a campaign that has to succeed across a wide range of different media. But, increasingly, fundraising and social change campaigns are required to work in more than one medium, often in several. Truly the twenty-first century fundraiser has to be a master of communication. To get one central message across consistently and effectively deploying all of the available media demands consummate professionalism.

Lung Foundation Australia: Christmas 2020 digital campaign


Lung Foundation Australia wanted to increase their social media presence and convert click-throughs to donations for their upcoming Christmas campaign. With help from agency Bigfoot Fundraising, the charity delivered a hugely successful digital fundraising appeal. 

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IWITOT 2020: Sumatran Orangutan Society’s Rainforest Home Appeal

by Felicity Spencer-Smith

Felicity Spencer-Smith of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIoF) praises a powerful and ambitious crowd-funding campaign to save orangutans in Indonesia.

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Marie Curie: Alpaca Meet & Greet

by Meredith Niles

Marie Curie fundraisers were inspired by an innovative fundraising idea they saw at I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) 2020. The team worked quickly to turn the idea into a quirky, low-cost campaign featuring alpacas on video calls.

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IWITOT 2020: Blue Peter Totaliser and TV appeals

by Joe Nicholson

Joe Nicholson of Consider Creative heralds the weird and wonderful appeals of UK TV’s Blue Peter, and their iconic Totaliser.

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The Salvation Army: Christmas cross channel digital recruitment campaign

by Gemma Reeve

In Christmas 2019, marketing agency Manifesto used clever technology to create a hugely successful digital recruitment campaign for The Salvation Army.

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Big Dog Ranch - Great Give 2017

by Derrick Feldmann

With excellent donor stewardship using the latest technology and a bank of research to back its strategy, this campaign was a rip-roaring success and shows the value of learning from the past to improve on the present.

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Good Neighbors: Twinkle Twinkle Little Box

by Borie Han

This exciting campaign from Korea rightly won the audience prize at SOFII’s flagship event I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) at the International Fundraising Convention in 2019.

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Netherlands Red Cross and 3FM: Serious Request

by Mark Astarita

Discover how a partnership between the Netherlands Red Cross and a leading radio station made waves.

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Strike Debt: The Rolling Jubilee telethon

by Tain Joliffe

Discover how a superb telethon, dedicated to eradicating household debt in America, grew out of the Occupy movement.

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Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk campaign

by Katie Simmons

With a DRTV ad to make you cry, the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK used emotions to great effect in this celebrated campaign.

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Snowdogs: Tails in Wales Trail

by Joe Burnett

This superbly interactive campaign made a lasting impact by helping raise significant funds for Welsh children's hospice Tŷ Hafan but also by engaging the local community of South Wales in a fun and interactive programme.

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ACLU: Stand for Rights. Stand for Freedom

by Joe Burnett

When contacted by the American Civil Liberties Union only weeks before a massive telethon, which would be hosted on Facebook and make use of the brand new Facebook Donate system, Open America were handed a massive job with very little time to execute it. The way Paul and his team responded shows initiative and willingness to be bold and daring and to work with new technologies and methods.

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