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The SOFII One Hundred is an opportunity for you to help fundraisers learn from past lessons and understand the foundations of great fundraising. You will also help fundraisers build on the shoulders of the pioneers that came before them and share their successes back to SOFII so they can inspire the next generation.

Sounds good, but what is the SOFII One Hundred? 

The SOFII One Hundred is a group of supportive, generous people who care about helping other fundraisers. They give every month so SOFII can offer fundraisers free access to innovative ideas and inspiration – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – regardless of their organisational budget, location or circumstances. 

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The SOFII One Hundred is made up of fundraisers from around the world. Each member is at a different point in their career and has a unique reason for being part of the community. But all of the SOFII One Hundred have one thing in common – they care about helping others deliver quality fundraising campaigns for the causes that are close to their hearts.

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You will not only be making a big difference to SOFII, you’ll also be helping the would be fundraiser in Kenya. Or the eager volunteer in Seoul, South Korea. Or the aspiring major donor specialist in Boise, Idaho. And many thousands like them, all over the world.

Supporting SOFII advances the good works that these people promote, day in day out. But don’t take it from us, hear what one of our SOFII fans has to say: 

‘When I was first told about the SOFII website, I was sceptical – a free site that shared fundraising initiatives from around the world – is this possible? And then I realised it is possible, very possible, brilliantly possible.’ 
The SOFII site has an amazing array of top class, proven fundraising success stories and a mountain of ideas. To me, this site has been gold. I refer to it all of the time – it’s like you get to see the secret recipe for fundraising.  
I have used SOFII for direct mail, donor care, thank you letters, donor surveys, campaign idea, bequests (legacy) communications and also just for my own personal professional development in learning more about the scope of fundraising. This site puts you at the forefront of fundraising today and can immediately steer you towards not only creating a successful campaigns, but developing a better relationship with your donors. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Thank you.’ - Julie Keith, Research and Business Development Manager, Centre for Companion Animal health, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland, Australia.

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