Campaigning for social change

Why are we here? To make the world a better place, of course. And we do this by campaigning in all the right ways for social change. Social change organisations don’t succeed by being reasonable, by doing things the way they’ve always been done. The first aspiration of all nonprofit organisations should be to do themselves out of business. All campaigners and fundraisers should be restless challengers of the status quo, never ever satisfied that we are doing quite enough. Why? Because we only exist to change the world.

Inclusion or disillusion – how do LGBT+ people in the UK feel about giving to charity?

by Amy Nield

The LGBT+ community represents a huge and growing demographic with considerable giving power. For charities and fundraisers, understanding how to engage this group has never been more important. In this report from sector specialists Consider, their team found out how LGBT+ people in the UK really feel about giving to charities. 

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Decolonised fundraising that works: myth or reality?

by Lizi Zipser

How can we go about decolonising fundraising communications? This article delves into the complexities of addressing the issue and shares a report with valuable case studies that you can learn from if you decide to make similar changes to your fundraising.

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Fundraising at the intersection of Blackness and Womanhood

by Kia Croom

We are delighted to bring you this podcast and article by Washington, DC based fundraiser Kia Croom. Kia brings you closer to the experiences of Black female fundraisers and reflects on a sector that isn’t practicing what it preaches.

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Fundraising and activism – Marcus Rashford’s campaign to save free school meals

by Lianne Howard-Dace

This is a powerful and personal tribute to a campaign that forced the UK government into a famous U-turn – and ensured children in need would not miss out on a daily free school meal during the summer holidays. The campaign evolved, demonstrating powerful campaigning and fundraising, while raising millions of pounds for charity along the way. 

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Our Right to Heal – Marva Wisdom, Canada

by Marva Wisdom

There are so many great women of colour working in fundraising, but still a severe lack of diversity at the highest levels. From Our Right to Heal, Marva Wisdom looks at this disparity and asks what we’re going to do about it.

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Our Right to Heal - Fatou Jammeh, Canada

by Fatou Jammeh

In a new series brought to you by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Fatou Jammeh shares her lived experiences of racial and gender prejudice. She also explores the legacy of historic oppression in fundraising. This is a powerful story from Our Right to Heal.

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Our Right to Heal - Black women fundraisers share their stories

by Joe Burnett

These two videos introduce a wonderful initiative by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). This is Our Right to Heal, a selection of beautifully written essays where black women fundraisers share the experiences that have shaped their professional and personal lives.

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Refugees build bridges across society

by Lyndall Stein

In an article originally written for Fair Observer during Refugee Week, Lyndall celebrates the contributions refugees have made to British society and how we can fight back against discrimination and prejudice.

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Strike Debt: The Rolling Jubilee telethon

by Tain Joliffe

Discover how a superb telethon, dedicated to eradicating household debt in America, grew out of the Occupy movement.

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Greenpeace UK: Rang-tan and the story of dirty palm oil

by Sonia Triki

This landmark TV ad captured the hearts and minds of the public. It also helped Greenpeace tap into, and transform, the national conversation around palm oil.

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Plastic not-so-fantastic: Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Siegle reviewed

by Joe Burnett

In her fantastic book, journalist Lucy Siegle sets out how we can all make a difference in tackling an increasingly dangerous plastic situation.

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Cards Against Humanity Saves America

by Sarah Crowhurst

In an audacious and hilarious campaign, irreverent card game Cards Against Humanity took on Donald Trump at his own Twitter game and raised two million dollars in just nine hours for good causes. 

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