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We all know the power of a proper thank you. Every organisation and individual on this page deserves our most heartfelt thanks. Their regular generous gifts have helped build SOFII up to be what it is today – an inspiring resource for fundraisers around the world.

Would you like to join them? You can make a one-off gift now, join the SOFII One Hundred, or contact Lynda Harwood-Compton (lynda@sofii.org) to discuss how you’d like to support SOFII and great fundraising. Here’s why Reinier Spruit of Reinier Fundraising donates to SOFII each year:


SOFII partners


Blackbaud is the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good.

SOFII business partner since 2011

Visit Blackbaud’s website

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is the professional membership body for UK fundraising. Our mission is to support fundraisers, through leadership, representation, standards-setting and education, and we champion and promote fundraising as a career choice.

SOFII business partner since 2014

Visit The Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s website

Open Fundraising

Open Fundraising brings the right people together to change the world. We crunch numbers and tell stories in order to create and nurture relationships between charities and the people who support them. Open came up with the concept of SOFII's flagship event I Wish I'd Thought Of That and have helped to organise IWITOT in the UK.

SOFII business partner since 2010

Visit Open Fundraising ’s website

Fundraising Everywhere

Fundraising Everywhere is the training and support network created by fundraisers, for fundraisers. We believe in a sector where fundraisers can do their job confidently and safely, and we work collaboratively with groups and individuals to make this a reality! From on-demand training and exciting virtual conferences to a cracking network of people that have got your back, you'll find what you need at Fundraising Everywhere.

SOFII business partner since 2022

Visit Fundraising Everywhere’s website

The Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent

The Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent is a leading centre of philanthropy research, teaching and public engagement. Founded in 2008, Kent's Masters programme in Philanthropic Studies is popular with fundraisers. In 2023 they launched a fundraiser apprenticeship suitable for new and junior fundraisers seeking to develop their capacity and confidence to attract major and sustainable donated income. All courses are delivered online to fit around work and home commitments.

SOFII business partner since 2022

Visit The Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent’s website

Agents of Good

Agents of Good is a direct response and donor communications collective. One of our early lessons was that money follows value. We are students of relationship fundraising, nerdy about direct response and direct marketing, obsessive about the 1,000 things you must do to create a growing fundraising program, and – most importantly – we are emotional and vulnerable in our pursuit of #donorlove. 

SOFII partner since 2016

Visit Agents of Good’s website


Ask Direct’s job is to inspire people to take action – as many people as possible. In ways that make sense to them. For the causes they believe in. For a better world.

SOFII partner since 2018

Visit AskDirect’s website

These kind donors give a regular gift of up to £999 each year. You can find out more about joining the SOFII One Hundred, here.


Abi White

Amanda Long

Andrew Barton

Andy King

Angela Cluff

Angelique Masse-Nguyen

Annie Moreton

Bas Van Breemen

Carol Akiwumi

Charmaine Shah

Christine Gilliland

Christine Neubeiser

Claire McMinn

Claire Routley

Craig Linton

Damian Chapman

Daryl Upsall

David Carrington

David Reeves

Dominique Leeming

Donna Day Lafferty

Doreen Slessor

Erica Waasdorp

Giles Pegram

Hannah-Mae Trow

Heather Little

Henry Webster-Mellon

In memory of Marie Burnett

In memory of Simone Joyaux

Jeana Orman

Jenny Sheriff

Jeremy Payne

Jillian Ritchie

Jim Hilborn

Jit Pundal

John Lepp

Kate McGranaghan Chow

Kelly Jennings Robinson

Ken Burnett

Lee Lloyd

Lisa Blackwell

Lisa Flanagan

Lynda Harwood-Compton

Marina Jones

Matthew Gibson

Matthew Sherrington

Meredith Niles

Michelle Berriman

Michelle Martin

Paul Farthing

Rachael Moore

Rebecca Wilson

Reinier Spruit

Richard Turner

Roger Lawson

Rudina Turhani

Sally Insley

Samantha Lane

Samuel Butler

Sarah Goddard

Stephanie Maitland

Tanya Jackson

Terri Sheahan

Tom Ahern

Tracy Jacobs

Valerie Pletcher

Xuela Edwards


Daryl Upsall/ Daryl Upsall Consulting International

Reinier Spruit/ Reinier Fundraising