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Meals on Wheels San Francisco: ‘Deliver Hope’ Giving Tuesday appeal

by Clay Buck

IWITOT: The Americas speaker Clay Buck was vaguely sceptical about Giving Tuesday, but then a campaign came along that changed his mind. It took the Giving Tuesday ethos and turned it into something very special – and here’s how. 

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Medical Aid for Palestinians: Two Christmas appeals, one wish for Palestine

by nick mawer

How Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) used its great donor relationships to power not one but two Christmas campaigns in just one month.

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Toybox: Not just an Easter appeal

by Robbie Rae

Toybox, a charity dedicated to helping street children, came up with a clever campaign that gave their donors plenty of choice. The result: they raised average gift and smashed their target too.  

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SAVE FINZ: Emergency direct mail appeal

by Joe Burnett

Facing difficult financial straits due to coronavirus, the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand launched an unprecedented matched funds appeal and brought in support from all around the world.

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WILL YOU HELP SAVE FINZ? - A unique fundraiser-to-fundraiser (F2F) appeal


This is the ongoing story of how the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand is running a possibly world-first matched giving DM appeal to save itself during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bush Heritage Australia: Autumn appeal turned donor care pack

by Jasmine Coronado

Bush Heritage Australia shows you how you can achieve surprising results by thanking, acknowledging and inspiring your donors, even if you never ask for money.

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Goderich ‘Mind and body’ campaign

by Steve Thomas

A lesson in how to tap into community spirit, this campaign shows how far you can go with a little expertise, the right approach and clear donor-focused messaging.

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Baptist World Aid - Growth Giver

by Fiona McPhee

A scene-stealer from I Wish I’d Thought of That at IFC 2019, this campaign shows the virtue of great donor-centred communications and a bold vision.

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Life Education Australia - Healthy Harold the giraffe business appeal

by Steve Thomas

With a target audience of only a few hundred prospective donors, fundraising expert Steve Thomas and Life Education brought in thousands of Australian dollars with this iconic campaign.

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The Canadian Lung Association: Santa Door Drop

by Steve Thomas

A door drop masterclass, brought to you by Canada's pre-eminent fundraising expert Steve Thomas.

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St. Vincent de Paul’s Bear Pack: bringing the cute and cuddly back to Christmas

by Daniel Alvey

This great direct mail campaign shows the value of defying conventions and positive messaging, with astounding results.

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Secrets of direct mail 4: storytelling, fundraising and the dialogue method

by Chris Keating

How does Siegfried Vögele’s dialogue method work in terms of storytelling? In the final piece in his series on the great man, fundraiser Chris Keating explores how and even asks why storytelling matters in fundraising.

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