Video fundraising

In this section, you will find some excellent examples of videos that have not only helped to raise funds but also awareness. Watch and feel inspired.

Pasqual Maragall Foundation: ‘A piece of news to be remembered’

by Júlia Padullés Mas

With their first-ever capital campaign, this Spanish charity delivered something very special. An emotive concept, a moving video, well executed landing pages and strong messaging to donors all helped to ensure their target-beating success. If you’re planning a similar appeal, you’ll find plenty of tips here!

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Hear Me Out: Co-creation fundraising campaign

by Anna Zabow

Small charity, Hear Me Out, has been working hard to embed co-creation across their whole organisation – even in their fundraising appeals. In this case study, their team share how the ‘More Than A Label’ campaign was co-created with a talented group of people who all had lived experience of the UK’s immigration system.

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PANS PANDAS UK: ‘Helen and Jessica’ fundraising event film

by Emma Bracegirdle

If you’re a small to medium-sized organisation looking to boost your events fundraising through film, look no further. In this case study you are sure to find inspiration in PANS PANDAS UK’s storytelling and fundraising film-making process – and be impressed by their target smashing results too! 

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WWF Norway: the ‘Name’ campaign

by Ina Toften

Discover how WWF Norway transformed their fundraising and boosted their donor loyalty by personalising how they communicated with supporters.

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Toronto Dominion Charitable Trust: #TDThanksYou video

by Karla Paotonu

Can a bank’s way of thanking customers be an inspiration for fundraisers? In this presentation from our IWITOT session at the FINZ Conference 2020, Karla Paotonu got attendees thinking about how they acknowledge their donors.

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IWITOT 2020: Sumatran Orangutan Society’s Rainforest Home Appeal

by Felicity Spencer-Smith

Felicity Spencer-Smith of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIoF) praises a powerful and ambitious crowd-funding campaign to save orangutans in Indonesia.

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UNICEF Canada: 360° immersive experience

by Joe Burnett

Discover how UNICEF Canada brought donors and beneficiaries closer together, via their excellent use of virtual reality.

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Alzheimer’s Society: Memory Walk campaign

by Katie Simmons

By creating a direct response tv ad that moved many to tears, the Alzheimer’s Society successfully connected with the public and saw participation in their Memory Walks soar. 

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Habitat for Humanity: Happy Mother’s Day video

by John Lepp

By featuring actual beneficiaries in this video campaign Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region, Agents of Good and Atomic Spark found the emotional core of the cause to connect with donors.

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Give Them Refuge Christmas Campaign

by Joe Burnett

Through a hard-hitting and powerful video ad and social media campaign, Refuge exponentially increased traffic to their website and the number of donations they received.

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Act for Peace's refugee social experiment


A filmed social experiment that tested Australia's compassion for refugees and led to viral success for the charity.

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Cesvi: ‘stop AIDS at birth’ campaign

by Joe Burnett

Cesvi launched the first fully integrated fundraising campaign in Italian history that was inspired by the words of HIV-positive child Nkosi Johnson at the International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2000.

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