The supporter experience showcase

Welcome to SOFII’s brand-new showcase on the supporter experience!

Giving supporters a great experience before and after they’ve donated should be a core mission of every charity, but it is too rarely the case. In this showcase, we’ll bring you great examples of organisations that have provided a great journey for their donors, through excellent storytelling, emotional messaging and expressions of gratitude. 

We’ll have case studies, articles, thought pieces, and even an IWITOT or two. After all, the launching pad for this showcase was the Supporter Experience edition of I Wish I’d Thought of That in 2020, an inspiring event delivered with our partner The Chartered Institute of Fundraising and their supporter experience special interest group. It was a huge success, and you can learn more about that IWITOT, here

As with all SOFII showcases, this will continue to evolve, so do keep coming back and remember to subscribe to our weekly updates for more examples of great supporter stewardship as they get published.

Harry Perkins Institute: Habit tracker regular giving acquisition

by Paige Gibbs

Discover how the Harry Perkins Institute revolutionised its fundraising with a superb – and successful – push to attract more regular givers. 

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The pandemic: where has fundraising been, where is it going and where should we be focusing now?

by Giles Pegram CBE

Help is at hand. A free online booklet and webinar are now available to help you deliver great fundraising during the coronavirus pandemic. And the advice all hinges on how to provide a superb supporter experience.

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RNLI: We are one crew

by Joe Burnett

This short but wonderful video from the RNLI thanks donors for their ongoing support during the coronavirus pandemic. But crucially, it also sends out heartfelt hopes that they too are keeping safe and well through these trying times. 

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Fundraising in a time of crisis: five ways you can think about the supporter experience right now

by Richard Turner

Fundraiser Richard Turner shares how charities such as RNLI, Asthma UK, Freedom from Torture, and SolarAid are responding to the coronavirus crisis and reaching out to their supporters.

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Right now, the supporter experience matters more than ever

by Joe Burnett

How are you going to maintain an excellent donor experience for your supporters in this time of crisis? Six expert fundraisers explain how their organisations are reacting to coronavirus, whilst still ensuring they are there for those who give to them.

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How the RNLI made me a donor

by Kathryn Holloway

Kathryn Holloway of Friends of the Earth shares the story of how she became a donor, inspired from a young age by a unique collection box.

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CDE project 5 summary: the supporter’s journey

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

This project will define the process and seek to be helpful to fundraisers wishing to offer their donors a truly satisfying, rewarding long-term experience.

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