Alfredo Botti

The hashtag - I wish I’d thought of that

by Alfredo Botti

Social media and fundraising go hand in hand, and these days there is one little symbol with the power to connect thousands of people to your cause. Of course, it's the hashtag. But why has the hashtag gone from being a neglected key on our keyboards to one we just can't afford to ignore? 

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About the author

Alfredo Botti is the regional executive director for World Animal Protection Latin America (ex WSPA). He has also been development manager for Greenpeace International dedicated to public mobilisation and fundraising. In 2009 Alfredo founded a non-profit NGO that creates public green spaces, integrating inclusion programmes together with 50 partner organisations and over 4,000 beneficiaries and volunteers. He is a member of the 2015 Fundraising Online Advisory Panel.