Bernard Ross & Clare Segal

How you can become your organisation’s competitive edge

by Bernard Ross & Clare Segal

When I heard about the idea of using psychology to raise more money I couldn’t imagine how that would fit into my previous learning about the pyramids, loops and ladders that are so familiar to many of us fundraisers. The fact is – it doesn’t….

Reviewed for SOFII by Kimberley MacKenzie.

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About the author

Bernard Ross is an expert in strategic thinking, organisational change and personal effectiveness. He works internationally in Europe, USA, Africa and South America. He has worked with a wide range of not-for-profit organisations over 25 years including the British Red Cross, Amnesty International, Greenpeace International, UNICEF, Oxfam and the British Film Institute. 

Clare Segal is an accredited MBTI coach. She works extensively in Europe and the USA specialising in presentation, influence and communication skills. Clare has been responsible for developing the cases for a number of national and international fundraising campaigns including NSPCC, UNICEF & Communitas Brazil. She was also a lead figure in developing the emergency response to the London Bombings of 7/7.