Caoileann Appleby

The pie lies – why you should put the charity spending pie chart straight in the bin

by Caoileann Appleby

Pie charts may seem like a good way to assess your organisation’s success but Caoileann Appleby of Ask Direct points out they’re really best ignored – or even chucked in the bin.

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About the author

Caoileann got hooked on fundraising with a temp job before moving to Ask Direct. She then worked with On Agency and Bluefrog Fundraising in the UK - with clients such as the UN Refugee Agency, Save the Children, the University of Leeds and Greenpeace, across donor development, multi-channel recruitment, legacy, and alumni fundraising - before returning to Dublin as strategy director for Ask Direct where she works on strategy and digital for a range of clients. She has presented in the USA, UK, and Ireland on topics such as digital fundraising, the power of small charities, and testing, and has also been a volunteer fundraiser for Abortion Support Network and Together For Yes.