David Love

Standing on the shoulders of giants – a book review

by David Love

SOFII is delighted to share this thoughtful review of The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising in 52 exhibits and 199 web links – a new book by Ken Burnett. It comes to you all the way from Canada and courtesy of a wonderful fundraiser, David Love.  

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About the author

David Love (aka “The Godfather of Good”) has been raising money, mostly for the environment, for 50 years. His current obsession is helping environmental and social justice organizations reap the benefit of the coming legacy tsunami. After running WWF Canada’s fundraising program for 20 years from 1979 – 1999, he returned, part-time, to WWF from 2015 – 2018 to run their legacy program — a program he started in 1982. In between, he worked as a consultant, did some leadership training for WWF International and ran The Living City Foundation for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. It is now called The Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation. David and his wife were brought up and now live at the south end of Happy Valley Forest north of Toronto. In 2012, they sold 89 acres of their property to NCC which created The Love Mountain Nature Reserve. They kept their house and 11 acres and live there still.