H. Ryan Steele

Pete for America: Leaderboard challenge election fundraising

by H. Ryan Steele

What can fundraisers learn from US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg? In this presentation from IWITOT: The Americas 2021, Ryan Steele explains how Pete’s campaign used a video game format to create an engaging, successful appeal.

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About the author

H. Ryan Steele is an imaginative advancement professional whose early career has focused on stewardship and the donor experience. After completing the CASE Advancement internship program with the Kansas State University Foundation, he found his passion for the field of donor relations and joined the team at K-State as a resident in the inaugural year of the CASE North America Fundraising Residency Program upon his graduation from Morehead State University.

He now serves as the donor experience specialist for the Kansas State University Foundation. In this position, his focus is the donor experience and creating unforgettable stewardship experiences that enhance donor relationships with K-State.