Jon Duschinsky

Philanthropy in a flat world, inspiration through globalization

by Jon Duschinsky

Here Clare McDowall, explains why this book changed her outlook and attitude to fundraising. Following Jon’s advice, she recommends throwing out the rule book and making the most of the huge opportunities (and challenges) that are facing the nonprofit sector today.

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About the author

Jon Duschinsky is a social innovator who has teamed up with some of the best creative minds in the world to create The Conversation Farm, a unique agency that uses creativity and conversations to solve problems. Business has a new paradigm today. Consumers care less what you make than what you are made of. Companies like Dove, P&G and many others are embracing it, creating conversations around the social good they are doing - conversations that drive audiences to talk about, and engage with them. The Conversation Farm helps its clients embrace this new paradigm. With startling results.