Simon Burne

William Quarrier – the most determined fundraiser of all time?

by Simon Burne

Be inspired by the most determined fundraiser of all time. Using an approach not designed for the faint-hearted, William Quarrier went into a room full of wealthy people and walked out with enough money to fund a village for homeless children in Glasgow. But how did he do it? And what can we learn from this fundraising superstar?

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About the author

Simon Burne (he/him) has worked in the voluntary sector for a number of years, primarily in fundraising and marketing. He established ITDG’s (now Practical Action’s) fundraising operation in the 80s and was director of fundraising/marketing at Acorns Children’s Hospice, NCH (now Action for Children) and The Children’s Society. For eight years, he was a senior consultant with THINK Consulting Solutions. Simon was chair of the Institute of Fundraising from 2000-2003 and has written and spoken widely on both fundraising and marketing.