Simona Biancu

SOFII and ASSIF help you discover the best of Italian fundraising

by Simona Biancu

SOFII is thrilled to announce a new collaboration that will highlight great fundraising in Italy, delivered in tandem with our friends at the Italian Association of Fundraisers (ASSIF). The team at ASSIF will also be translating more of SOFII’s existing content into Italian.

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About the author

Simona is a fundraising and strategic philanthropy consultant and trainer, as well as the founder and CEO of ENGAGEDin – an international consultancy. With more than 10 years of experience across the fundraising mix, Simona works with non-profit organisations both in Italy, where she currently lives, and abroad. She speaks at conferences, seminars and training at an international level. Simona is Vice-president of the Italian Association of fundraisers (ASSIF) and a member of both the European Fundraising Association (EFA) and European Lung Foundation. She is the co-author of the book Board in prima fila (2020), focussed on Board development, and the blog Welcome on Board, focussed on experiences in consulting with non-profits governance and development.