Tanya Jackson

The book that will lead the campaigning fundraising revolution!

by Tanya Jackson

Fundraiser Tanya Jackson shares her review of Ken Burnett’s brand new book, The essence of Campaigning Fundraising in 52 exhibits and 199 web links.

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About the author

Tanya Jackson started her career building customer loyalty in the private sector, firstly at Virgin Atlantic Airways and then British Airways. Her focus at both was to unlock consumer insights for mutually beneficial long-term relationships. Moving on to become a brand manager for Guinness Ireland, she developed and implemented their customer relationship marketing programme, which succeeded in winning an ECHO Award.  

Wanting to use her knowledge and skills from the private sector to help the not-for-profit sector, she joined Cancer Fund for Children as a fundraiser in 2019 and now works as their donor development manager, transforming their direct marketing.