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  • Lessons from the Annual Lectures: Emily Henry’s view by Emily Henry Emily Henry, also a winner, says that the Annual Lectures was full of inspiring, thought-provoking insights into what fundraising is currently, where it is going and how it can improve. If you were one of the unfortunate souls who missed this event, she lists here her top 10 lessons – the ones you just have to know!
  • Lessons from the Annual Lectures: Gemma Walder’s view by Gemma Walder It isn’t only those gifted scientists who frequent London’s Royal Institution who can lead an experiment that will change the world. Fundraisers can too. And it starts with us all simply thinking... if not me, then who, if not now, then when? Click here to read Gemma Walder’s detailed account of this year’s Annual Fundraising Lectures held in London, on December 4th. 
  • Lessons from the Annual Lectures: Kirsty Simpson’s view by Kirsty Simpson See the last of SOFII’s lessons learned at the 2014 Annual Lectures from Kirsty Simpson. Find out who are the fundraising fairies.