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  • Cancer Research UK: Slimming World Big Clothes Throw partnership by Marie Burnett This is a case history of a fantastic partnership between Cancer Research UK and Slimming World – the Big Slimming World Clothes Throw. Going since 2013, this campaign allows Slimming World members to celebrate slimming success by donating their ‘before’ clothes to CRUK charity shops. This has generated over £5 million worth of stock for the shops, whilst also highlighting the issues of obesity and related cancers. All with minimal investment on the charity’s part!
  • Crisis Christmas card challenge by SOFII 'Send a singer’ is one example from a charity for homeless people in the UK – it’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s compatible with the charity’s values. In essence this campaign addresses corporate social responsibility agendas, offers a practical solution to the traditional Christmas card chore and offers participating companies a unique and high impact marketing opportunity.