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  • ActionAid ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ campaign by SOFII This is a very brave campaign. It talks directly to young people in the language they use everyday, with no punches pulled.
  • ActionAid: the ‘postal parent’ advert by SOFII These two black and white ads look dated now, and the first of these at least seems patronising too. But when these ‘postal parent’ advertisements appeared in the UK in the mid 1970s they were state-of-the art, the epitome of direct response fundraising.
  • ActionAid: the inserts with built-in reply mechanism by SOFII This promotion raised £millions and won almost every direct marketing award going. It also helped propel a new and little known organisation called ActionAid into the list of Britain's top 20 charities. Action Aid created a new format, which was then copied by dozens, perhaps hundreds of other organisations.
  • ActionAid: the welcome to child sponsorship package by SOFII ActionAid’s child sponsorship programme has been running in the UK for over 35 years. In 2008, they revisited the enquirer and welcome packs with the intention of making the materials the best that could be found anywhere.
  • ActionAid: transparency and readability by SOFII This exhibit shows great accountability and transparency but it’s also an object lesson in how not to communicate via the printed page.
  • Is this really the best fundraising proposition of all time? And is it good development? by Lyndall Stein The benefits, challenges and opportunities of child sponsorship as seen by Lyndall Stein, with additional material by Ken Burnett – two former directors of the international development charity ActionAid. 
  • THE PLAN: the launch of child sponsorship, Spain 1937 by SOFII This exhibit focuses on a documentary film made by Plan International, which shows how the idea of child sponsorship emerged and grew as a response to the dangers faced by children in the Spanish civil war, more than 70 years ago.
  • World Vision: The Story Shop by Joe Burnett Learn how World Vision took their cause into the world of high-end shopping – through an interactive, beautifully-designed store that was informative and made it easy for donors to make their gift.