5 pages tagged with Diversity:

  • ActionAid’s journey to diversity by Ken Burnett How one of the UK’s leading INGOs improved performance from management, staff and board by putting its principles into practice. And found happiness in the process.
  • Fundraising at the intersection of Blackness and Womanhood by Kia Croom We are delighted to bring you this podcast and article by Washington, DC based fundraiser Kia Croom. Kia brings you closer to the experiences of Black female fundraisers and reflects on a sector that isn’t practicing what it preaches.
  • How getting diversity and inclusion right will help us change the world by Vanessa Chase Lockshin Vanessa Chase Lockshin outlines how the fundraising sector is good at asking about diversity but rarely progresses beyond it to equity and inclusion. Her suggestions are bound to get you thinking.
  • How to bring feminism into your fundraising by Emily Collins-Ellis Emily Collins-Ellis and Rachel Stephenson Sheff demonstrate that feminism needs to be brought into fundraising, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it will improve that fundraising and benefit your organisation.
  • What’s next for fundraising after coronavirus? by SOFII What does the future hold for fundraising after coronavirus? This report, from The Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIoF) and THINK Consulting Solutions, explores that question in detail.