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  • Armagh House: Covid-19 emergency appeal by Sonya Swiridjuk A wonderful example of how a small charity affected by the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic was able to maximise its potential and reach out to donors, with superb results.
  • Jerry Falwell’s Liberty Alliance: emergency appeal for cash by SOFII Whether or not one agrees with the ‘achievements’ and ‘aspirations’ contained within the letter, it has to be said that they have been given forcefully and with emotion. This is a real battle cry.
  • Oxfam’s press ads from the 1950s and 60s by SOFII These press advertisements really did change the course of fundraising in Britain. They helped Oxfam to grow into a substantial international charity. Though they might seem crude and simplistic now, these ads very effectively alerted the post-war British public to considerable humanitarian needs abroad.
  • RCSB: Bhopal emergency appeal by SOFII Created in less than two hours, this ad went on to raise more than 20 times its total costs in just a few days, to become a classic example of disaster appeal advertising. More than £420,000 was raised and most of it directly attributable to the press advertisements.
  • SAVE FINZ: Emergency direct mail appeal by Joe Burnett Facing difficult financial straits due to coronavirus, the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand launched an unprecedented matched funds appeal and brought in support from all around the world.
  • WSPA: ‘Big bear build’ and ‘big bear rescue’ appeals by SOFII This campaign clearly showed donors that they were highly valued by WSPA and that their support was making a difference. Having been on a journey with WSPA rescuing the captive bears since 2006, the donors were able to see the influence they had made as well as the change they could make possible now.