4 pages tagged with Virtual reality:

  • ‘Transcending space’ with Innophoria's social sector clients by Lucy Innophoria In Lucy’s sixth blog for SOFII, she transports us to the future, a future where we can give the donor a virtual experience of our work which shows exactly what their money has achieved.
  • Amnesty International UK’s virtual reality in street fundraising by SOFII Face-to-face, or street, fundraising gets so much criticism, so SOFII is thrilled to bring this shining example of it at its best. Through simple virtual reality headsets Amnesty International UK is showing how devastating barrel bombs are to the people of Syria. Click here so that you can see how ‘suddenly everything “over there’” becomes vivid and real’.
  • UNICEF Canada: 360° immersive experience by Joe Burnett How UNICEF Canada brought donors and beneficiaries closer together through the excellent use of virtual reality.
  • WWF: Virtual Reality Tiger Experience by SOFII Experiential marketing and virtual reality are a roaring success for WWF-UK's Adopt a Tiger face-to-face campaign.