Roger Craver

Common Cause: the birth of modern citizen advocacy.

A demonstration against the Vietnam war, USA November 1969.

by Roger Craver

It’s hard to believe that in 1970s America women could not get their own credit cards when they graduated from school unless their husband or father was willing to sign for it.

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The dangers of requests for proposal

leonard nimoy as spock

by Roger Craver

This week legendary Agitator Roger Craver joins in with his opinion on the ‘request for proposal’. And he’s not pulling any punches about what he believes is ‘...among the Great idiocies of our nonprofit world’. Click here to see more and to find out what he does admire and praise.

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About the author

Roger Craver, founder of Craver Matthews Smith in the USA, is a lifelong pioneer in applying mass communications and technologies to activism and fundraising. His groundbreaking work in fundraising has helped launch and sustain dozens of national and international organisations.

Today, Roger is the founder of DonorTrends, a company providing fundraising intelligence, predictive models and market research to the nonprofit and political communities. diMobile is his latest company, building mobile engagement applications for the next generation of activists and hell-raisers.

He is also the publisher of the Agitator.