Basics of fundraising

Confessions of an unethical nine-year-old fundraiser

by Norma Cameron

One of the golden rules of successful fundraising is that before asking others to give, you should first donate yourself. Norma Cameron shows how the memory of one major gift you gave will give you comfort and confidence to be a better fundraiser. Here she tells the rather scary tale of her fundraising epiphany, inspired by something as simple as a collecting box.

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The collection: it’s never too late to do something wonderful.

by Ken Burnett

A new fundraising experience for less-than-new fundraiser Ken Burnett: rattling a bucket on behalf of Syrian refugees. Read how he met some interesting people, raised some money and learned that truly it’s never too late to do something wonderful.

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How an egg McMuffin reminded me of the foundations of fundraising

Egg McMuffin

by Derek Humphries

Recounting a mildly bizarre but uplifting encounter that was to involve not one, but two, popular fast-food snacks, Derek Humphries reminds us of the simple but firm foundations every truly compelling fundraising should be built on.

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Brilliant donor care: 15 steps to make sure your organisation gets it right

by Jonathon Grapsas

Before I launch into some tangible ways to improve the way you deal with donors, let me preface this by looking at the current climate. Just how are charities in different parts of the world interacting with donors on a daily basis?

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Do it yourself fundraising

by Marc Pitman

Start-up nonprofits often ask me, ‘How do we raise money?’. The panic of making budget seems to make raising money impossible without knowing someone rich and famous like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

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How to really understand fundraising’s reigning big idea, direct mail

by Mal Warwick

The foreword to this short and readable book summarises its value well, ‘For reluctant writers who need warm-up exercises and structured lessons…and for seasoned grant writers who get caught up in the jargon of our fields’…

Review by Jan Chisholm. 

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Telephone fundraising, part 2: how to use the phone across different programmes

by Bethan Holloway

In the second part of her articles on telephone fundraising, Bethan Holloway gives an overview of fundraising campaigns that the telephone could massively improve.

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Telephone fundraising, part 1: why the phone is a great fundraising tool

by Bethan Holloway

In this first of three articles Bethan Holloway gives five reasons why the telephone is such a great fundraising tool whether your organisation is small or large.

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Lessons from young charities - part 1

by James Read

In this article, creative director and copy chief of marketing and fundraising agency Grizzard, James Read, looks at some of the newest and relatively small charities that have succeeded in raising enviable amounts of awareness and money. He shares the five principles he believes characterise today’s most innovative nonprofits and how you can apply them to your organisation.

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Finding the perfect fundraising database in an imperfect world

by Robert Weiner

Searching for a donor database for your organisation can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to start, what functions and features you're really going to need, and where to look for affordable options.

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