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  • Blue Cross: Tap Dogs by SOFII Terrific innovation by animal charity Blue Cross who found a funny and eye-catching way to get their rescue dogs to lend their paws to the cause.
  • CEO Sleepout: business leaders sleep rough for Girls and Boys Town by SOFII One night of discomfort is a very small price to pay for helping to raise awareness and vital funds to support homelessness. The CEO Sleepout encourages influential members of the business community to move outside of their comfort zone and spend a night in the shoes of a rough sleeper.
  • Cesvi: ‘stop AIDS at birth’ campaign by Joe Burnett Cesvi launched the first fully integrated fundraising campaign in Italian history that was inspired by the words of HIV-positive child Nkosi Johnson at the International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2000.
  • Cleveland Hearing and Speech Clinic: revitalising declining revenue raised through special events by SOFII The once successful special gala dinner of the Cleveland Deaf and Speech Clinic was in decline. But their adventurous fundraisers didn’t ditch it. Instead they introduced three, soon to be four, new events. They call it ‘demographic’ fundraising and you will learn all about it here.
  • Cure Cancer Australia: ‘can too’ sporting events by SOFII Young people raise money for a great cause while being coached by professionals in a whole variety of sporting skills.
  • One Girl: Do It In A Dress by Lizzi Hollis Dresstastic challenge event from Australia that allows volunteers to use their creative fundraising juices and have fun.
  • St Michael’s Foundation: the Final Piece campaign by SOFII Here is another excellent campaign from St Michael's Foundation in Toronto, Canada. Take a look at how this team of savvy fundraisers took a simple poster and re-purposed it into a successful staff event that raised much-needed funds for their latest capital appeal.
  • Youth for Causes: stimulating fundraising in Singapore by SOFII In this innovative exhibit, a partnership between Citigroup and YMCA Singapore demonstrates the power of youth.