7 pages tagged with Major gift:

  • Are you asking for gifts personally, face-to-face? by Simone Joyaux Simone Joyaux has a wealth of experience in how to talk to donors and asks a very pertinent question: are you asking for gifts personally, face-to-face?
  • Common Cause Citizen’s Committee: major donor upgrade by SOFII The letter and the rather interesting reply form get to the point, asking for money on the letter’s first page.
  • Confessions of an unethical nine-year-old fundraiser by Norma Cameron One of the golden rules of successful fundraising is that before asking others to give, you should first donate yourself. Norma Cameron shows how the memory of one major gift you gave will give you comfort and confidence to be a better fundraiser. Here she tells the rather scary tale of her fundraising epiphany, inspired by something as simple as a collecting box.
  • Give that gift back! by SOFII What happens if a donor wants their money back? Donna Caputo has some advice.
  • If it were easy to do we wouldn’t need you by Karen Osborne Karen Osborne explains why you should avoid the easy route if you want transformational major gifts for your organisation.
  • The Darüşşafaka Society: a unique offer for special donors by Gunes Yildirim Darüşşafaka – meaning house of kindness – has provided full scholarships to orphans including clothing, accommodation, healthcare and food. But there’s also a lot we can learn about donor care, legacy and high value fundraising from the oldest NGO in Turkey
  • The donor pyramid is dead… Long live the donor pyramid! by SOFII Sarah Clifton shares her thoughts and asks: What exactly is the purpose of the donor pyramid if not to map the upgrade journey to a major gift?