Borie Han

Good Neighbors: Twinkle Twinkle Little Box

by Borie Han

This exciting campaign from Korea rightly won the audience prize at SOFII’s flagship event I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) at the International Fundraising Convention in 2019.

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About the author

Borie is a young, enthusiastic fundraiser working with and for people she likes, and causes she admires. Starting out as a fundraiser working for World Vision and UNHCR, she now runs the Korean office of DTV Group, an international fundraising direct response TV (DRTV) and film agency. She loves helping good causes raise money cost effectively.

Over the last five years, Borie has set up and launched a multimillion dollar (DRTV) programme at UNHCR and a small-scale but extremely successful programme at Concern as an insider. She has also helped WWF, Oxfam and Amnesty successfully launch and expand their DRTV programmes at DTV Korea.

She works for charities with various beautiful causes, and works with the best performing call centre and media agencies.