Good Neigh­bors: Twin­kle Twin­kle Lit­tle Box

Exhibited by
Borie Han
December 12, 2019
Medium of Communication
Digital (social media) fundraising
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Republic of Korea
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

This simple but effective campaign is a pure gem. The ask is clear and urgent: 100,000 girls in Korea are unable to access sanitary products and this box can make all the difference. Above all, the design and content of the box are beautiful, ensuring donor engagement with the cause. Plus, the intelligent use of social media helped Twinkle Twinkle Little Box reach as wide an audience as possible. We think it was a deserved winner of IWITOT at IFC 2019!

Summary / objectives

To support Korean girls who cannot afford sanitary protection.


In 2017 it was discovered by multiple media that over 100,000 Korean girls cannot afford sanitary protection. Because of this basic lack of sanitary products, many girls would have no choice but to use tissues, crumpled newspaper, or even shoe soles in their underwear. 

Good Neighbors is a well-respected home grown NGO in Korea (one million supporters raising $180m per year), and its work is to fight against poverty both internationally and domestically. While many NGOs launched campaigns to support the girls, Good Neighbors did something quite outstanding.

Special characteristics

Their solution was Twinkle Twinkle Little Box: supporters could fund a box which contains six months’ worth of sanitary pads, a mini hot-water bottle to provide comfort from period pain, a pouch for carrying pads, plus a hand mirror and hair bands. They tried to made the box feel like an attractive treat as well as being functional. It was something that any girl would want, something that supporters would feel proud to fund.

Good Neighbors weren't afraid to be trendy when it came to making the campaign viral and current. They worked with a major Korean influencer to film an unboxing video of Twinkle Twinkle Little Box and put it on Youtube. Unboxing videos are common for commercial products, but rarely used for not-for-profit campaigns. The use of this technique, and this influencer, were ideal for the target audience and the subject matter.

There are three reasons why I wish I’d thought of this campaign:

  • Don’t tell, show. Here the potential donor could really see the difference their support would make.
  • Engage. In this case, while there was of course an urgent need, this was about presenting a solution that made the supporter feel really great about what they were doing.
  • Trendy! Some fundraising can be a little dull and worthy, but not this. The pack design, the use of Youtube influencers, and the unboxing video all made it feel very current.

Influence / impact

This campaign proved that fundraising can be trendy and successful, using current techniques and influencers.


In 2017 alone, 7,391 donors (regular giving and one-off) signed up to provide the boxes. Wonderfully, many also volunteered to help pack or deliver the boxes. Corporates and celebrities also signed up to get involved in this campaign.

Finally, I was so impressed with this campaign that I decided to hire the person who came up with it! Jaeok Neoh is now a producer at DTV Korea.

The Twinkle Twinkle Little Box campaign was boosted by a popular celebrity’s unboxing video.
The box is beautifully designed, containing six months’ worth of sanitary pads plus other items.
Good Neighbors is a well-respected organisation in the Republic of Korea, with one million supporters raising $180m per year.
The campaign’s aim was to address the fact that 100,000 Korean girls do not have access to sanitary pads.