Daryl Upsall & Jorge Hernando

Trends of the Covid-19 pandemic on fundraising in the UK and the USA

by Daryl Upsall & Jorge Hernando

Could a focus on young people and new avenues of fundraising be a key to beating the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic?

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About the author

Daryl Upsall FCIOF, President and Jorge Hernando, Researcher

Based in Madrid, Daryl has 38 years working with over 240 non-profits in 70 countries. Known for his leadership and innovation, pioneering digital fundraising a co-creator of face to face fundraising during the 1990s when leading Greenpeace International fundraising worldwide.

President of Daryl Upsall International – Consulting I Recruitment and the founder and co-owner of Spain's leading telephone fundraising agency, The Fundraising Company SL ,the face to face fundraising agency International Fundraising SL and the integrated social/media digital fundraising agency in Spain dgtlfundraising SL and more recently Italy. His Recruitment Division has successfully hired 742 positions for 260 organisations in 129 locations.

Daryl has spoken at conferences in 32 countries and writes for the leading non-profit journals. He is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Fundraising and former Vice-Chair, the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Jorge Hernandez is researcher for our team of consultants who data about the economic, political, legal and technological situation of a country under review. He also gathers information about what comparator organisations to our clients are doing in the field of fundraising. 

He has a degree on Politics and Public Policy at the University of Glasgow and an MSc. in Development Studies at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). 

Daryl Upsall International provides strategic consulting support to with over 230 non-profits in 62 countries and its search division has successfully recruited 654 positions for 218 different organisations in 127 different locations worldwide.