Frank Russell Lucas

Fundraisers, think Brazil!

by Frank Russell Lucas

Close your eyes and think Brazil! Breathe deeply. Sizzling Carnival delights. Dazzling bicycle kicks on premier turf. Knockout women slinking down high fashion runways. Fundraising powerhouse? Sejam bem vindos, to the new Brazil! With its economy burning brightly at sixth in the world, it couldn’t be long for such eye-catching growth to seduce a new generation of Brazilians into the noble corridors of fundraising. So important is this development that SOFII has decided to open a hall with exhibits in Portuguese for the benefit of all Portuguese-speaking fundraisers. Welcome all!

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About the author

Frank Lucas, a nonprofit fundraising coach in São Paulo and coordinator of the translation group, has promised to deliver regular batches of SOFII exhibits in Portuguese for as long as it takes – and as long as there are volunteers willing to help out.