Gunes Yildirim

The Darüşşafaka Society: a unique offer for special donors

by Gunes Yildirim

Darüşşafaka – meaning house of kindness – has provided full scholarships to orphans as well as clothing, accommodation, healthcare and food. But there’s also a lot we can learn about donor care, legacy and high value fundraising from the oldest NGO in Turkey.

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About the author

Gunes is an international fundraising consultant following her years of experience in Greenpeace and UNICEF. Her main focus area has been developing monthly giving acquisition & retention programs, as well as long-term fundraising strategy for NGOs in developing markets. Other than her international focus, she dedicates part of her time for development of NGO’s in Turkey and the region. She is the founder of Fundraising Okulu, a fundraising capacity building organisation in Turkey. She is based in Istanbul. Besides being a fundraiser, she loves blogging and training on fundraising.