Hannah Moysey

Irregularity – is it the future of regular giving?

by Hannah Moysey

Recruiting regular donors, increasing engagement and reducing attrition are three things that feature in plenty of fundraising strategies. They remain a focus for good reason – all fundraisers want to help their cause with the reliable funds that a base of committed supporters brings. But what if the future of regular giving was less ‘regular’ and more ‘irregular’? 

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About the author

Hannah Moysey (she/her) has worked at Blue State for four years. Her work encompasses a range of clients and work that spans brand and identity development (PepsiCo, Google and Lloyds Banking Group), paid media campaigns (Ofgem and Equality and Human Rights Commission), international engagement strategies (International Rescue Committee and Movember), progressive movements (Forward Majority and HOPE not hate) and high level fundraising campaigns (Heifer International). 

Prior to Blue State, Hannah worked in the charity sector for five years focusing on digital fundraising, comms and digital marketing. She has worked at charities including British Heart Foundation and Parkinson’s UK overseeing successful mass-participation campaigns, digital transformation and strategically driving online fundraising through digital platforms.