Victoria Andrews

From the Myth Smashers: ‘Fundraising isn’t a serious profession’ - smashing that myth.

by Victoria Andrews

‘To call us a not for profit is a disservice and to say fundraising isn’t a real job, is simply not true.’ From the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s exceptional Myth Smashers session comes this impassioned deflation of that most pernicious of myths - that fundraising isn’t a profession.

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About the author

Victoria is a passionate fundraising specialist with experience in strategy development, marketing and communications, stakeholder engagement, transformational events and project management. For more than eight years Victoria has dedicated herself to serving the profit for purpose sector to make a positive impact in the community. During her time she has led various initiatives focused on peer to peer fundraising, community fundraising, direct marketing, regular giving, special events, supporter care and corporate partnerships. She is proud to consider herself a generalist fundraiser, and is well regarded for her strategic focus, creative mindset, high level thinking and ability to lead teams through significant organisational change. Victoria’s career has spanned the tourism, disability, medical research and health sectors. She is particularly passionate about addressing health issues, mental health, gender equality, women and children’s rights.