5 pages tagged with Annual report:

  • ActionAid: transparency and readability by SOFII This exhibit shows great accountability and transparency but it’s also an object lesson in how not to communicate via the printed page.
  • Grassroots International: their distinctive annual report by SOFII Grassroots Interenational’s staff diligently take photos during field visits and now they have a wide choice of images to use in their annual report. They also use donor profiles to support their message, so GRI donors are interested and highly involved.
  • Inspire 2018: St Michael’s Foundation 2015/16 annual report by Marie Burnett This story of great relationship fundraising will inspire you to use your annual report to celebrate donors, beneficiaries and volunteers alike and show your donors the positive impacts their gifts are making. And encourage further donations.
  • St Michael’s Hospital Foundation: the 2010/11 annual report to donors by SOFII The St Michael’s Hospital Foundation view their hard-working and very appealing annual report as an opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of the past year and honour their generous donors. It shows them that their donations have been wisely spent and have made a real difference to the patients cared for at St. Michael’s.
  • The perfect annual report by Giles Pegram CBE Veteran fundraiser Giles Pegram CBE argues that most charity annual reports are written about the organisation and don't focus on donors and beneficiaries.