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  • Art Fund: Crowdfunding to save Prospect Cottage (part one) by Joe Burnett Derek Jarman was a huge figure in modern British cinema and art. Now his unique home, a work of art in itself, is the subject of a truly inspirational and ambitious crowdfunding campaign by the Art Fund. We sat down with three of the drivers behind the campaign to discuss Jarman, Prospect Cottage and crowdfunding. They wowed us, so we hope they'll wow you too!
  • Durham Cathedral in LEGO: innovative buy-a-brick fundraising by Sue Kershaw An innovative version of traditional buy-a-brick fundraising with a spectacular totaliser and easily replicable as a fundraising mechanic. 
  • Going viral: creative social media campaigns to inspire museums by Devon Rose Turner Are you a cultural organisation looking to get more out of social media? Then prepare to be inspired by these three exceptional campaigns.
  • Kelvingrove refurbishment appeal: capital campaign by SOFII Find out how this great, superbly well planned capital campaign was executed with such great style and character that it exceeded its target by more than two times.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art: capital campaign by SOFII How direct mail and the phone together can secure massive support from lower dollar donors. By following the approach described here, nonprofit organisations that find it difficult to reach very wealthy donors can supplement their capital campaign.
  • Steel Yard: ‘fund a day’ appeal by SOFII Every now and then we see great fundraising ideas that can be easily adapted and adopted by other nonprofit organisations, particularly smaller ones. This example is particularly useful as it shows a small organisation raising money imaginatively to cover its general running costs.
  • The German Leprosy Relief Association: ‘Different Strokes’, the art show with a difference by SOFII Different strokes – an art show with a cause – organised by the German Leprosy Relief Associaiton in India created a world of opportunity for disabled, or rather differently-able, adults and children artists by giving them the opportunity to show – and sell – their work alongside that of professionals.
  • Whitney Museum of American Art: Curate Your Own Membership by SOFII A unique example of a membership model that allows members to select what they want based on interest and useage not on traditional demographics.