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  • How effective are your board members? by Simone Joyaux There’s a big difference between the board and its board members. Remember that the board does corporate governance – and that only happens when the board is together at meetings. Corporate governance is a collective act.
  • Introducing: Simone uncensored by Simone Joyaux SOFII’s guide to good governance that month by month will build to a must-have manual for your nonprofit board.
  • Involving your board members in fund development, part two by Simone Joyaux Together you and your board members can ensure fundraising success for the organisation you all love. This new article from Simone Joyaux will show you how to get the best from each of your board members.
  • Why have a board? by Simone Joyaux You have to have a board. That’s what the law says. Any other reason? Well, having a board really does add value – more value than just raising or giving money.