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  • Cesvi ‘thank-you’ campaign by Joe Burnett One of Italy's largest international aid and development NGOs, Cooperazione e Sviluppo  (co-operation and development), or Cesvi, took advantage of their president stepping down to send a simple, effective and personal letter to their 5,000 most loyal donors. 
  • The Zimbabwe Association’s emergency appeal by SOFII How chance played a large part in raising £10,000 in just one month. Lyndall 'primed the pump' by donating £500 of her own money.
  • Why have a board? by Simone Joyaux You have to have a board. That’s what the law says. Any other reason? Well, having a board really does add value – more value than just raising or giving money.
  • WWF: Year of the Tiger Christmas appeal 2009 by SOFII This is an excellent example of how one campaign with an urgent and compelling message can be tailored and shaped to fit different types of donor.