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  • From the Myth Smashers: ‘Fundraising isn’t a serious profession’ - smashing that myth. by Victoria Andrews ‘To call us a not for profit is a disservice and to say fundraising isn’t a real job, is simply not true.’ From the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s exceptional Myth Smashers session comes this impassioned deflation of that most pernicious of myths - that fundraising isn’t a profession.
  • From the Myth Smashers: The myth of the ‘rational donor’ by Alice Anwar In the first presentation from Myth Smashers, an I Wish I’d Thought Of That (IWITOT)-inspired event that takes place every year down under, Alice Anwar of CARE Australia explores the myth of donor rationality and asks, ‘can the head and the heart ever be friends’?
  • Meet the fundraising Myth Smashers by Joe Burnett SOFII shares the winning presentations from Myth Smashers, Fundraising Institute of Australia’s IWITOT-inspired event. These young fundraisers each shine a light on dispiriting fundraising myths and show how they can be overcome.