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  • The fundraising climate: a consumer confidence update by Andrew Papworth Do you agree with Andrew Papworth when he says that fundraisers are going to find it tough for the foreseeable future? Here on SOFII you’ll find his thoughts on the latest consumer confidence survey
  • Two days in Dublin: fundraising inspiration in Ireland’s capital by Joe Burnett SOFII attended the Ask Direct Summer School, one of 2016’s most inspirational world class fundraising seminars. We were treated to thought-provoking, intriguing and engaging sessions by some of the sector’s leading lights. Here's part one of our reports.
  • What’s next in fundraising? Part 3 by Stephanie Drummond Third of our essay winners on the theme of what’s the next big thing for fundraising? is here for you, now.
  • What’s next in fundraising? Part 4 by Kirsty Simpson Our final essay winner on the next big thing for fundraising. Click here to find out about Kirsty Simpson’s leap of faith.